Donetsk National University is the Republic’s leading comprehensive academic centre.

An approximately equal number of faculties of humanities and sciences is a great advantage of the university of classical type, which ensures the possibility of their interaction and integration.

The University structure includes 13 faculties:

(Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology, Faculty of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of History, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Additional and Professional Education, International Faculty); Educational and Scientific Institute "Economic Cybernetics",  two university-wide departments – the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Physical Education and Sports,  two colleges – the College of Economics and Management of Yenakiyevo and the Industrial College of Gorlovka; secondary boarding school, two educational-advisory centres for specialists’ training; a UNESCO Chair, the DonNU Multimedia Center, and research departments.

Training of professionals in natural sciences, social, humanitarian and economic sectors is carried out at the bachelor, specialist and master levels in 124 fields of education.

Over the last three years, within the basic professional education programmes there have been launched 36 new fields of study, specialities and their profiles. Among them – 23 programmes for bachelor’s degree, seven – for master’s degree, and six – for specialist's degree.

All fields of education, specialties and profiles in DonNU departments are licensed.

Educational and research activities at 13 faculties and the Educational and Scientific Institute "Economic Cybernetics" are carried out by 76 departments, 67 of which are graduate.

There are postgraduate courses in 47 specialities and doctorate courses in 13 specialities.

About 11 thousand students, 250 post-graduate students, doctoral candidates and doctoral research scholars study at DonNU today.

The basis for the quality of education is the high qualification of the teaching staff. Of the 743 members of teaching and research academic staff, 100 are doctors of science and 350 – candidates of science.

Since 2015 there has been launched the process of integration of our University into the educational space of the Russian Federation. This enables our graduates to receive two diplomas: of Donetsk National University and Russian partner high schools.

By its anniversary Donetsk National University had become a member of several international associations of universities, including the Eurasian Association of Universities, which includes 139 leading regional universities and higher educational institutions of the countries of the Eurasian space. In 2015, DonNU was admitted to the Association of Technical Universities and the Association of Law Universities. On the basis of DonNU there was launched a regional branch of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture. The Academy presidium awarded 7 DonNU professors as academicians of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture. On mutually beneficial terms there is carried out cooperation with scientists and representatives of science and business of the Republic of Belarus. Within the framework of the concluded cooperation agreement with the Russkiy Mir Foundation, there was established the DonNU Multimedia Center.

Donetsk National University is the leader among the DPR universities in the number of awards today.

More than three thousand students of the University annually take part in scientific work.

For 2016 – 2017 there were published more than four thousand scientific works with the students’ participation.

Over 150 students of DonNU took part in the International scientific conference of students, post-graduates and young scientists "Lomonosov" for the last two years.

Studying at our University offers exciting possibilities to young people
and will help them become successful.