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Studia Germanica, Romanica et Comparatistica

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  1. The editorial board accepts articles, short reports and reviews on the subject of the journal for examination for publication in the journal. The materials submitted to the editorial board must be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Authors (available in each issue and on the journal's website).
  2. All articles submitted to the editorial board are subject to peer review and, in case of a positive review, are subject to scientific and technical editing.
  3. The reviewers of the articles added to the editorial portfolio are appointed by the editorial board from among the recognized experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and who have contributions on the subject of the reviewed article within the last 5 years.
  4. When evaluating an article, the reviewer takes into account: the correspondence of the subject of the article to the subject of the journal; the novelty and significance of the results; the validity of the results; the fidelity of the use of the results of other authors; the accuracy of references; the quality of presentation and formatting.
  5. In the conclusion of the review, one of the following recommendations should be indicated: the possibility of publishing an article in the journal Studia Germanica, Romanica et Comparatistica; the possibility of publication after appropriate revision (according to the comments of the reviewer); the inexpediency of publication.
  6. The reviewer, no later than 1 month after receiving the manuscript of the article, should return the manuscript with a review.
  7. The final decision on publication, publication after revision, or rejection of the article is made by the editorial board.
  8. A copy of the review of the article (without specifying the reviewer) or a reasoned refusal is provided by the editorial board to the authors of the article upon their request.
  9. The reviews are kept in the editorial office of the journal for 5 years. Copies of article reviews could be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People's Republic at the request of the Ministry.
  10. The article sent to the authors for revision should be returned in a re-edited form (in 2 copies) together with its original version as soon as possible. The revised manuscript should be accompanied by a letter from the authors containing answers to all comments and explaining all the changes made in the article. An article delayed for more than three months or requiring re-processing is considered as newly received.
  11. The authors are fully responsible for the content of the materials submitted to the editorial office, including the absence of information in them that violates the norms of international copyright, patent or other types of rights of any individuals or legal entities.