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Donetsk National University is the Republic’s leading interdisciplinary academic and research complex which ensures the unity of teaching, learning and research, involving the intellectual potential, facilities and resources of the academic research and development institutes and leading enterprises of the region.

An approximately equal number of faculties of humanities and sciences is a great advantage of the university of classical type, which enables their interaction and integration.

The University’s structure includes:

13 faculties (Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology, Faculty of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of History, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Additional Professional Education, Specialized Faculty); two institutes – Institute of Pedagogy and Institute of Physical Education and Sports;  two university-wide departments – Department of Philosophy and Department of Physical Education and Sports;  two colleges – Yenakiyevo College of Economics and Management and Gorlovka Industrial College; interdisciplinary boarding school; two educational and advisory training centers, DonNU Multimedia Center, Esenin Center, DonNU TV Studio, Donetsk Philology Center, and research departments.

The professional training in scientific, social, humanitarian and economic sectors is carried out at the bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s levels in 158 training programmes.

Russian is the language of education process.

All training programmes, specialties and educational programme specializations in DonNU structural subdivisions are licensed.

81 departments ensure educational and scientific activities at 13 faculties, at Institute of Pedagogy and Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

The total number of students is 16,500.

The post-graduate and post-doctoral studies are carried out in 49 and 6 specialties respectively. In recent years, the index of degree-credit enrollment in DonNU has surpassed the total number of postgraduate students enrolled in all other universities of the Republic.

The third of the dissertation councils established in the Republic function in DonNU (there are 7 dissertation councils in 15 specialties – Physics and Mathematics, Engineering, History, Philology, Pedagogy, and Economics).

Since 2016, over 90 PhD theses have been defended in DonNU dissertation councils.

The basis for the quality of education is a high qualification of the academic teaching staff. The half of 917 members of the academic teaching staff hold a PhD degree (445 doctors and candidates of science).

The University’s infrastructure includes 17 academic buildings, 5 residence halls, Educational and Sports Complex, Educational and Practical Computer Center, the largest scientific library among Donbass universities, etc.

Since 2015, the amount of students enrolled has increased from 4,000 to 16,500, showing the prime choice made by the Republic’s enrollees in favour of DonNU.

More than 40 new training programmes, including the ones in cooperation with the DPR line ministries, have been created.

The list of educational services has been expanded: over 30 professional development and retraining programmes as well as 7 general development programmes have been created.

The University was accredited by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science of the Russian Federation (there are 75% of master's and 30% of specialist’s programmes accredited; by the end of 2020 there will be 100% of academic programmes accredited in the Russian Federation).

The dual degree programme has been implemented: 1,606 DonNU graduates have diplomas of Russian universities.

There is the network master's degree programme functioning in cooperation with Russian universities.

During the high alert regime, DonNU efficiently practiced e-learning: hundreds of online training courses were developed.

The system of continuous learning is functioning: the University trains future specialists in the system of general secondary, vocational secondary and higher professional education as well as for postgraduate studies.

Integration into the Russian educational system requires the professional training to be improved: new training programmes to be created, the subject-matter of courses to be changed, new training courses to be introduced, especially those in the field of humanities and social sciences.

By its anniversary Donetsk National University had become member of several international associations of universities, in particular the Eurasian Universities Association, including 139 leading regional universities and institutions of higher education of the Eurasian space. In 2015, DonNU became member of the Law Universities Association. A regional branch of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Art and Culture is based at DonNU, and 7 professors of DonNU were elected its members. There are mutually beneficial terms for maintaining cooperation with scientists, academics and entrepreneurs form the Republic of Belarus. As part of the agreement on cooperation with the Russkiy Mir Foundation, DonNU Multimedia Center was established in 2016.


In October 2018, Scientific and Educational Center named after S.A. Esenin (shortened to Esenin Center) became part of the University’s structure and was launched by the Rector's order.

DonNU TV Studio sponsored by the Russkiy Mir Foundation has been functioning since October 2019.

In cooperation with the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the University realizes educational projects for students and teachers through continuing education in Russia’s leading universities and participation in projects Professor of Russkiy Mir and Student of Russkiy Mir.

Since 2015, the University has been practicing the concept of educational work. Special attention is given to civic and national education, searching leaders and their active involvement in social and political life of the Republic.

The balanced system of spiritual and moral development, civic and national education, cultural and aesthetic background as well as environmental awareness, based on native culture traditions and history, is an integral part of the educational process.

More than 3,000 educational events have been carried out in DonNU over the reporting period.

Today Donetsk National University is the leader according to the number of awards among the DPR universities.

There are efficiently functioning scientific unions of talented students – Student Research Society, youth research centers, scientific circles and clubs for students to be engaged in prolific research and development projects.

The efficient work of world-class science schools in DonNU allows graduates to continue their research and pursue graduate and postgraduate studies.

For the last three years, over 500 students have actively participated in international scientific events (student thesis competitions, academic competitions, and conferences) under the aegis of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Penza, Samara, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Yalta, Sevastopol and other cities. 130 students have become winners and been awarded diplomas and merit certificate for the best research papers and reports. The publications in top peer review journals of Russia and far-abroad countries are a proof of the high level of student research projects.

Studying at our University offers ample opportunities for young people and will pave the way to success.