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Журнал «Новое в экономической кибернетике»

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General information about the journal
"New in Economic Cybernetics"

ISSN 2523-448X
Periodicity of publication – 4 times a year
Year of foundation – 1999.

Founder: Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Donetsk State University".

Certificate of mass media registration No. 000109, issued by the Ministry of Information of the Donetsk People's Republic 28.02.2017.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of sciences, for the degree of doctor of sciences should be published (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the DNR № 135 from 01.02.2019).

The publication is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database (license agreement No. 83-02/2019 of 27.02.2019).

Journal Description

The journal "New in Economic Cybernetics" publishes articles that contain new theoretical and practical results in the branch of economic sciences within the following scientific specialties:
5.2.1. Economic Theory;
5.2.2. Mathematical, statistical and instrumental methods in economics;
5.2.3. Regional and branch economics
(specializations: regional economics; economics of innovations; economics of population and labor economics; accounting, audit and economic statistics).

The journal covers the topical issues of:

- theory and methodology of economic science, analysis of economic policy and state regulation of the economy, research of economic growth, development and economic fluctuations, institutional development of complex economic systems;

- use of economic and mathematical methods and models in the management of complex objects, statistical, econometric and instrumental methods in economic research, computer methods and programs for modeling economic processes, econometric and statistical methods of data analysis, tools for design, development and maintenance of information systems in the interests of subjects of economic activity;

- regional economy and regional economic development, structure of regional economy by sectors, evaluation of regional economic policy efficiency;

- innovative development and innovation policy, digital transformation of economic entities, efficiency of innovative projects and programs;

- dynamics of demographic processes, theoretical and methodological foundations of labor economics, labor productivity and efficiency, formation of professional competencies, training, retraining and advanced training of personnel;

- complex economic and financial analysis of economic activity, assessment of efficiency of economic entities, use of modern digital and information technologies in accounting, analysis and control, application of modern information and communication technologies in the field of economic statistics.

Rubrics and directions

The journal "New in Economic Cybernetics" contains the following rubrics:
- Economic-mathematical and statistical methods and models;
- Business informatics, digital and information technologies in management;
- Innovatics, problems of innovative development and digital transformation;
- Problems of economic theory and institutional development of complex economic systems.

Editorial office:

198a Chelyuskintsev St., Donetsk, 283015, Donetsk, DNR
Accounting and Finance Faculty
Editorial office of the journal "NEC", room. 533
Contact information:
E-mail: nec.info@mail.ru
Tel. +7(856) 302 09 19