Dear friends and future colleagues,

You are facing the challenge of choosing a profession which would match your natural abilities and aptitude, which would be future-oriented and in demand in such a rapidly changing world. It is of utmost importance to make the right decision, which will allow you to become a truly successful person. Donetsk National University is the largest dynamically developing university in the region. It successfully combines the basic traditions of the classical university education and innovative approaches to the implementation of the educational process and research activities.

About 11, 000 students, 250 post-graduate students and candidates for a degree are currently studying at our university. The professional training in scientific, social, humanitarian, and economic sectors, provided by 76 departments, is carried out at the bachelor’s, specialist’s, and master’s levels in 124 training programmes, specialties and educational programme specializations.

All training programmes, specialties and educational programme specializations in DonNU structural subdivisions are licensed.

The post-graduate and post-doctoral studies are carried out in 47 and 13 specialties respectively.

There are 6 dissertation councils for training a highly qualified academic staff in 12 specialties: Physics and Mathematics, Engineering, History, Philology, Pedagogy, and Economics.

The basis for the quality of education is a high qualification of the academic teaching staff. Among 743 members of academic teaching staff, 100 are doctors of science and 350 – candidates of science. Their maturity, experience and expertise are combined with the youthfulness and bravery of their plans and objectives.

The university has proved high performance in different areas by its leading positions in various independent ratings. Since 2011, DonNU has been ranked in the top 700 best universities in the world (QS World University Ranking) according to the British consulting company QS (getting into the TOP 700 means being among 4% of the world’s elite universities).

The university has the following structure: 13 faculties, Educational and Scientific Institute "Economic Cybernetics", two university-wide departments –Department of Philosophy and Department of Physical Education and Sport, two technical colleges – Yenakiyevo College of Economics and Management and Gorlovka Industrial College, the secondary boarding school, two educational and advisory training centres, UNESCO Chair, DonNU Multimedia Center, and research departments.

The university pays much attention to the development of its social infrastructure. Today there are 11 academic buildings, 5 residence halls, the educational and sports complex, the educational and practical computer center, the health care center, the conference cafe "Brigantina", the recreation center "Nauka", the biological station, and the largest scientific library among Donbass universities which fully meets the needs of DonNU academic teaching staff and students.

In addition, the university has at its disposal the modern facilities and resources to ensure the efficient educational process and scientific research.

More than 4,000 students participate in various R&D programmes. There are youth research centers, scientific clubs, the folklore student research expedition, the Student Scientific Association and the Council of Young Scientists functioning at the university.

By its 80th anniversary Donetsk National University had become a member of several international associations of universities, including the Eurasian Universities Association, the Technical Universities Association and the Law Universities Association. A regional branch of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Art and Culture is based at DonNU.

The scientific and educational cooperation is carried out under the terms of 40 international agreements. DonNU Multimedia Center was established as a part of the cooperation agreement concluded with the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Today the university is confidently looking towards the future, having returned to its history, culture, traditions and having asserted the right to live in its land and speak Russian.


Rector of DonNU,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Svetlana Bespalova