DonNU Symbols

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Official Emblem
Donetsk National University

The DonNU Coat of Arms is in the center of the emblem on the shield.

The shield is U-shaped because it looks similar to the first letter of the Latin spelling of the word UNIVERSUM “universe” and the related “university” in the meaning of “universal”.

The shield is tilted forked and divided into three colored fields with the shape of orthogonal axes. The colors of the fields coincide with the heraldic colors of the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The azure (blue) top field of the shield symbolizes sky and space. Heraldic blue is the color of science and knowledge.

The diamond (black) field at the tip of the shield symbolizes land and its subsoil. Heraldic black is the color of prudence and erudition.

The scarlet (red) top field symbolizes the fire of vital energy. Heraldic red is the color of life.

Four golden figures are superimposed on the shield.

The three-dimensional orthogonal axes of coordinates represent the physical space of the universe and the scientific method of obtaining knowledge in space-time continuum.

The star of fourteen points on the dark red (red) field is the image of Matter-Energy and the symbol of Light-Knowledge. The formative sign of the symbol is the Star of Wisdom of seven points.

The hourglass on the azure (blue) field is a symbol of the physical and the archaic (historical) Time.

The heraldic golden rose on the diamond (black) field at the tip of the shield is a symbol of Honor, Beauty, and Spirituality.

The coat of arms rests in the laurel wreath, which is an attribute of primacy, superiority, and special reverence. The inscription on the golden ribbons wrapping around the wreath reads: "Donetsk National University".

The emblem is crowned with a golden book – the symbol of the university. The inscription on the spread of the book “ALMA MATER” is a concept that includes all stages of the university development (Stalin State Pedagogical Institute, Donetsk State Pedagogical Institute, Donetsk State University, Donetsk National University), and the foundation year of the parent university, Stalin State Pedagogical Institute, – “1937”.

The emblem was designed, depicted and described by Vladimir S. Shatunov.

The official emblem was approved by the decision of the Academic Council.

Faculty emblems

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology

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